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Scala 3 + ZIO 2 + zhttp + Laminar: proof of concept & impressions

Recently I experimented with Scala 3, ZIO 2, zhttp, zio-json and Laminar. You can see the proof of concept here: https://github.com/adrianfilip/reservation-booker. I made the following setup: backend app with Scala 3 + ZIO 2 + zhttp + zio-json that is called by a frontend app Scala 3 + ZIO 2 + Laminar + zio-json. PartContinue reading “Scala 3 + ZIO 2 + zhttp + Laminar: proof of concept & impressions”

zio-properties: A ZIO alternative to Spring Properties

EDIT: zio-properties 1.0 is now available on Maven Central“com.adrianfilip” %% “zio-properties” % “1.0″ I like versatility when configuring application properties. For instance: In Kubernetes I use environment variables, locally or in a local docker container I may use property files, environment properties, command line arguments, system properties or a mix of any of them. AlsoContinue reading “zio-properties: A ZIO alternative to Spring Properties”

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