Scala 3 + ZIO 2 + zhttp + Laminar: proof of concept & impressions

Recently I experimented with Scala 3, ZIO 2, zhttp, zio-json and Laminar. You can see the proof of concept here: I made the following setup: backend app with Scala 3 + ZIO 2 + zhttp + zio-json that is called by a frontend app Scala 3 + ZIO 2 + Laminar + zio-json. PartContinue reading “Scala 3 + ZIO 2 + zhttp + Laminar: proof of concept & impressions”

zio-properties: A ZIO alternative to Spring Properties

EDIT: zio-properties 1.0 is now available on Maven Central“com.adrianfilip” %% “zio-properties” % “1.0″ I like versatility when configuring application properties. For instance: In Kubernetes I use environment variables, locally or in a local docker container I may use property files, environment properties, command line arguments, system properties or a mix of any of them. AlsoContinue reading “zio-properties: A ZIO alternative to Spring Properties”

Moving From Kotlin + Spring Reactor + Arrow to Scala + ZIO

Several years ago, I was developing an application that dealt with money. It handled loans, deposits, monthly payments, and reports. Unlike other apps, where eventual consistency and stale data may not be an issue, here one slip could lead to financial ruin for the company. Computing the distribution of a client payment depended on aContinue reading “Moving From Kotlin + Spring Reactor + Arrow to Scala + ZIO”

Scale Aware Architecture (Onion Arch. with a twist)

My name is Adrian Filip and I have been a software developer since 2007.   Sometime in between then and now I was working on a banking like app using Kotlin, SpringBoot and Arrow.  Everything was going well but yet I was finding it difficult to express some scale aspects without  either mucking up myContinue reading “Scale Aware Architecture (Onion Arch. with a twist)”